Feb 17, 2011

Trailer Trash Thoiss-day

What can we say? We're feeling very New Yaawk today and it is Thoiss-day, after all. 

First up, the new period drama Jane Eyre, starring Australian ingenue Mia Wasikowska. Currently set for release on 11 March this year in the U.S., it seems as though even 2011 and Dame Judi Dench can't make this more than moderately entertaining. Le sigh. 

Next up, we have something entirely different and immediately engaging: American Grindhouse. This documentary, directed by Elijah Drenner, looks at explotation in American films and gives rare insights from the filmmakers, showing that their aim was to make films with extreme entertainment and shock value. An official SXSW 2010 pick, watch for Quentin Tarantino blurb quotes by the time it hits Australia later this year. Bet you. If we're wrong, we owe you a Coke. 

Lastly, a notable mention must go to new Aus teen flick Wasted on the Young, which looks promising, if a little disturbing in the violence stakes. It seems as though the young cast can act convincingly enough; plus, no-one looks like they're 30. Out on 3 March nationwide and brought to life by first-time feature director Ben C. Hall, all that remains to be seen is if it will turn out to be more like The Social Network or Columbine, or both.

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