Feb 24, 2011

Extra Extra!

Our dreams look like this. © Gideon Tsang.
In an exclusive round-up from IMDbPro, here's the news you should have caught but might have missed this week:

Deadpool (starring everyone's favourite Canuck, Ryan Reynolds), which is currently due out in 2014 is now at the script stage. Clap your hands say yeah! It's certainly a relief to see Marvel moving things along. 

Furthermore, the Arrested Development movie now has a treatment/outline. Now now, don't tease. If it all goes up in flames before it reaches the script stage, well; there's always money in the banana stand. 

You'll never believe it, but some honky over at DW Films is pitching Terminator 5. Who the bleep thought that was a good idea? Christian Bale completely agrees with us, you know (and he now has boxing training so look out). 

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