Feb 20, 2011

Festival Flash: Cannes 2011 Opener

Photo © Raffi Asdourian
Ever dreamed of swanning around the city of Cannes, basking in the atmosphere of the French Riveria and hundreds of the most talented filmmakers, actors, and directors from around the globe? It'll probably never happen, but for us, there's just something so fantastic about a festival that has Robert De Niro as its President. Oui? Oui oui!

Please excuse our 'slow on the uptake' post, but this is still most newsworthy if you haven't heard. Woody Allen's 41st feature, Midnight in Paris, will open Festival de Cannes 2011 on the 11th of May.  The romantic comedy (but as Allen fans will know, not your regular lurid piece of trash rom-com) starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody and many more looks as though it will far exceed his previous effort Whatever Works.

Keep your eyes peeled on And Cut! for the trailer when it arrives.

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