Mar 29, 2011

Rights sold to Gaiman's American Gods

Nerds everywhere, rejoice! Fans of Neil Gaiman who haven't read American Gods, perhaps his most famous novel, can now get cracking with the knowledge they probably won't have to wait a decade for the film. Or will you? Empire reports on the news and speculates about the lucky filmmaker in question (Gaiman is keeping quiet on the who). Given the length and scope of the novel, it seems as though the helmer would likely be someone who is always keen to research and immerse themselves in the world and mythologies. That said, fingers bloody crossed it's not Baz Luhrmann, what with his playing coy on details for The Great Gatsby, even though the Bazmark web site was displaying a pic of Carey Mulligan as Daisy coupled with an announcement on her casting for quite some time. While Empire mentions Peter Jackson and Ron Howard as possibilities (though undoubtedly too busy with other commitments), there aren't that many cinematographer-directors that still get behind the camera. We're going to throw in Tarantino in for the wildcard on this one, but we're more inclined to go with Empire's Danny Boyle speculation.

Are you excited to see Shadow on the big screen?

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