May 1, 2011

Trailer & Pic News: This Week in Fantasy

Remember when we posted this back in January? Well, now Summit have released the second pic from the forthcoming film Breaking Dawn, starring every 16-year-old's favourite vamp/werewolf. Behold, a buff Taylor Lautner running in the rain. We can't remember exactly what scene this is supposed to be, but it looks like the werewolf has now become some sort of messenger-dog. 

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, photo Copyright Summit Entertainment.

Next up on the agenda, and really, how could it have taken us this long to report this, but the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is here. Yes, on the interwebs. Sorry, Harry Part 1, but this trailer foreshadows a film that is ultimately more exciting than you. We know that due to the expository nature of the story that had to be told in Part 1 that it was always meant to be more of an 'oh, that's why' fitting-together-of-the-puzzle-pieces type of film. However, the trailer for Part 2 looks equal parts chilling, emotional, and exciting. Ralph Fiennes is truly terrifying and it looks as though Radcliffe will finally get to come into his own as an actor in the final installment.

Can July 14 come soon enough? We think not! Your thoughts are required below.

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