Jan 24, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Paul Rudd tries out his hipster disguise in Brooklyn.
                                                      At Sundance
Amongst other things, My Idiot Brother starring Zooey Deschanel, Paul Rudd, and Elizabeth Banks was picked up for distribution by The Weinstein Company. The source? We'd never call her a horse and it did come directly from her mouth, but she tweeted the news just a few hours ago from the festival. Follow her on @therealzooeyd. Currently there's no trailer floating around online, but it can be seen ahead of Morning Glory in Australian cinemas right now. This 2011 (exact date still TBC) indie release looks very promising. 

                                                  At the Box Office
No Strings Attached, the new friends with benefits rom-com topped the top of the tip of the Box Office on opening weekend, grossing 20.3 million. We're still dubious as to the discernible benefits of being Ashton Kutcher's anything, but could be convinced to endure his frat-boy behaviour if he bought us an iPad to watch the pretty pretty trailers on. Myyy preciousssss. 

                                                        On the Tube
TV spots for new Australian thriller of the deep Sanctum started airing with big ol' 'Jim Cameron' references. Sorry Mr. Worthington, we had to do it. Sincerely hoping that some blatant name dropping does the trick and gets bums on seats, but also crossing our fingers that the whole production isn't sucked into the giant sink hole that is Mr. Cameron's ego. Not that the TV spot or the trailer will tell you, but the Director is Alister Grierson. Enjoy the trailer here:

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